About Us

Pakistan Holiday Tours is one of the leading tour operating companies in Pakistan, a specialized tour organization, primarily emphasizing on better services, considering the needs of an individual tourist as well as groups.

Pakistan Holiday Tours offers an array of activities including adventure, nature and culture, by creating unique travel events, tailored itineraries according to the needs of an individual tourist as well as groups.

Travel with Pakistan Holiday Tours and hopefully you will take pleasant memories. Letࢵild passion for travelling and indeed only travelling can create harmony, peace and love between communities. Travel can enhance love towards nature and responsibility for the conservation of Nature. Letયin together to make a better world. Pakistan holiday tours, a leading tour company in Pakistan is opting to create awareness among travelers for a responsible travel, considering the environmental aspects of nature. Dream of a place and we will get you there.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote tourism in Pakistan and empower the remote communities through tourism considering the environmental and social aspects.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be one of the best companies in Pakistan that will always emphasize on quality services considering the needs of tourists.

Our objectives

䯠give an environment for the tourists and host community to understand each otherࣵlture by making harmony that would help to set an example of global brotherhood.
䯠build awareness of responsible travel considering the environmental and social aspects.
䯠grow our network to every corner of the globe by building a successful global network.
䯠create employment opportunities in travel industry.

Social Responsibility

As we are a stakeholder in travel business so it௵r top most responsibility to give something back to the society that could benefit them in different regards. We support a Non-Profit organization called Korgah, means a work place which is an old house that has been turned into a workplace. Uneducated women of the society gather there and earn their live hood by making handmade traditional carpets and handicrafts. Many tourists visit the ancient house and buy the traditional carpets and handicrafts.

We also try to support the community based schools in the highlands of Pakistan that work through fundingলom donors and even tourists and even a single penny can make a difference so letયin together to contribute in the development of mountain communities.

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