• Altit Fort


    Altit Fort is a magnificent fort in Altit, Hunza built on a rock cliff and from the roof top of the fort one can have splendid views of the surroundings. Altit Fort also served as a Palace to the Mir௦ Hunza.
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  • Baltit Fort


    Baltit fort is an ancient fort in Karimabad, Hunza and also included in the tentative list of world heritage sites. The fort used to be a royal palace of the formers rulers of Hunza state. The fort has a very unique architecture with wooden and stone structures plastered with mud.
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  • Borith Lake


    Borith Lake nestles in Upper Hunza near a little village called Hussaini and it can be accessed with the help of a jeep or trek lovers can trek from a nearby village Ghulkin by crossing Ghulkin Glacier that could take maximum two hours. Borith Lake Hunza is a saltish lake and its altitude is 2,500 above the sea level. After half an hour trek one can reach upper Borith from where you can see the white glacier thatà·¯rth seeing and from that pint one can also see Passu village.
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  • Cholistan Desert


    Cholistan is a massive desert that covers a large area stretching from Bahawalpur and adjoins Thar Desert in Sindh. Cholistan is a famous tourist spot that holds unique landscapes and cultures. Some parts of Cholistan evokes a sense of alien world completely wilderness and a heaven for adventure lovers, who love to experience the desert nomadic life.
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  • Deosai:


    Deosai is known as Land of the Giants and considered to be one of the highest plains in the world. It is located between Skardu and Astore Valley. Its area is approximately 3,000 km2. Deosai is home of the famous Brown Bear, a rare animal found on Earth. Ità¡ lush green meadow with plenty of foliage and a worth visiting place.
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  • Fairy Meadow


    Fairy Meadow is a grass land near the killer mountain, Nanga Parbat. It can be accessed from KKH via a jeep able road. Fairy Meadow gives a perfect view of the mighty Nanga Parbat.
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  • Katas Raj Temple:


    Katas Raj temple is a magnificent Hindu temple situated in Choa Saidan Shah, Chakwal, Pakistan. Outside the fort there is a sacred pool and many Hindu pilgrims visit this temple to bath in the sacred pool to seek forgiveness, it is also believed by Hindus that the pool has miracle water that heals the body and soul.
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  • Khunjreab Pass


    Khunjreab is one of the highest mountain passes in the world and most important strategic point between Pakistan and China. A National Park is also located near Khunjerab thatà·¯rth visiting which contains Snow leopard, a most rare animal on the planet.
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  • Neelum Valley


    Neelum Valley one of the most beautiful scenic places in Pakistan. It is situated at north east of Muzaffarabad. It is a very lush green valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks, panoramic views, streams and springs. The valley has bewitching beauty and its worth seeing.
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  • Rohtas Fort


    Rohtas fort is a very historical fort near Jhelum Valley and believed to be built around 16th century by Sher Shah Suri, an Afghan King. The reason of building such a massive structure was to defeat the local rebellious tribes. It is a designated world heritage site. It lies on GT road at a distance of 22km from Jehlum and 113km from Islamabad.
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  • Shandur


    Shandur is famous for its highest Polo Ground on Earth and it is situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet above the sea level. Free style Polo is played here which is very rare and interesting. Shandur can be accessed from Gilgit and Chitral. Apart from the Polo Ground there are other scenic spots around specially Shandur Lake which is worth visiting and the lush green landscape makes the destination more mesmerizing.
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  • Takth 킨ai


    A famous Buddhist Monastery and a designated world heritage site which dates back to the early first century AD. Before the arrival of Buddhism it remained a Zoroastrian complex and after the advent of Buddhism it was converted into a monastery. It is located at a distance of about 15km from Mardan.
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Welcome to Pakistan!

Pakistan is heaven for travel and adventure lovers and yet many parts of Pakistan still needs to be explored especially the exotic North Pakistan, which is every travellers dream.

Pakistan is blessed with abundant natural and cultural resources and its home to the mightiest mountain ranges of the world known as Karakoram, Himalaya’s and the Hindu Kush.  Karakorum ranges holds world’s highest peaks especially K2 that is considered to be second highest peak in the world apart from that it also holds one of the world’s longest glaciers outside the polar region.

Pakistan is also rich in cultural resources that hold one of the world’s ancient civilizations called Indus Valley Civilization which is considered to be world’s earliest urban settlement. The remains of this civilization still exists specially Mohenjo-Daro which is worth visiting. Visit Pakistan and hopefully you will enjoy and take pleasant memories. Let’s join and explore the hidden beauty of Pakistan.


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